P-BRad (Braga) Arquivo Distrital Pastas de fragmentos, 244 (olim Miscelânia de pergaminhos nº 12) [Previously caixa 243, nº 1]

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar [...] eum dicens patientiam habe in me - indeterminate - V2 A 002274
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Serve nequam omne debitum dimisi tibi - indeterminate - V2 A M 004873
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Cum sublevasset oculos Jesus* - indeterminate - A 002036
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Satiavit dominus* - indeterminate - V A M 004818
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Tu principatum tenes in coro martirum Stephani V A 005216
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Magna est gloria ejus in salutari Stephani V W 008130
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Christum natum qui beatum hodie coronavit Stephani M I 001048
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Elegerunt apostoli Stephanum virum plenum fide Stephani M A 1.1 201540
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Stephanus autem plenus gratia et fortitudine Stephani M A 1.2 005025
P-BRad Pastas 244 Ar Surrexerunt autem quidam de synagoga disputantes Stephani M A 1.3 204826
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Posuisti domine super caput ejus R Stephani M W 1. 008170
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Stephanus autem plenus gratia et veritate Stephani M R 1.1 007702
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Surrexerunt quidam de synagoga quae appellatur Stephani M V 01 007702c
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Surrexerunt quidam de synagoga disputantes cum Stephani M R 1.2 007735
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Commoverunt itaque plebem et concurrentes rapuerunt Stephani M V 02 007735a
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Cum esset plenus spiritu sancto beatus Stephani M R 1.3 006364
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Et clamans voce magna dixit ecce Stephani M V 03 006364a
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Commoverunt plebem seniores judaeorum et scribe Stephani M A 2.1 200832
P-BRad Pastas 244 Av Videbant omnes Stephanum qui erant in Stephani M A 2.2 205171
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...]orum qui effusus est Nat. Innocentium V 007024a
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...] Nat. Innocentium [?]
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...]runt in conspectu th[...] Nat. Innocentium V 006050b
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...] saeculorum mittentes [...] Nat. Innocentium A 001291
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...] cum eo sanctorum [...] scriptum in front[...] Nat. Innocentium A 002555
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...]inquinati virgine[...] Nat. Innocentium A 003044
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...]quorum pedes avulsi [...] Nat. Innocentium A 003349
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...] lavabo manus meas [...] Nat. Innocentium A 003367
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br [...]lio regis datum est [...]liet Herodem Nat. Innocentium A 002880
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br lacuna Nat. Innocentium
P-BRad Pastas 244 Br Isti sunt sanct [...] mecum in albis Nat. Innocentium R 007021
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv lacuna Nat. Innocentium V
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv [...] altare dei animas in[...]um quod Nat. Innocentium R 007879
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv lacuna ...[ica] Nat. Innocentium V 007879a
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv Centum qua[...]i sunt qui cum Nat. Innocentium R 006273
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv [...]mpti sunt ex [...] inventum menda[...] Nat. Innocentium V 006273b
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv lacuna [...] centum Nat. Innocentium
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv [...]de civitate David Nat. Innocentium A 003032
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv [...]opter dominum Nat. Innocentium A 001187
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv [....]rans filios suos Nat. Innocentium A 005508
P-BRad Pastas 244 Bv [...]nem nostrum deus [...] Nat. Innocentium A 005039
P-BRad Pastas 244
Pastas de fragmentos, 244 (olim Miscelânia de pergaminhos nº 12) [Previously, caixa 243, nº 1]
Source type: 
Document type: 
12th - 13th century
Page layout: 
Size of the whole fragment: 440 x ca 395 mm. Fol. A: ca 435 x 309 mm. Fol. B: ca 440 x 85 mm. Text area fol. A: ca 324 x 244 mm. Text area fol. B: ca 325 x 68 mm. Text lines on each page: 13. Music lines on each page: 13.
Condition of document: 
Bifolium badly damaged. Folio B has a severe vertical cut: the page is reduced to about 1/4 of its original size. The two pages of the bifolium are not consecutive. The folds and the lateral cut suggest that the fragment was used as a bookbinding. There is a small library sticker on fol. Ar with the shelf-mark "12".
The first responsory on fol. Av has an inhabited initial "S" decorated with a dog(?) and some leaves. Text and notation in black. Display script in red. Capital letters in red or black with very simple decoration.

Fol. Ar: "12" written in blue ink by a modern hand; "244" written in red ink by a modern hand.
Fol. Av: modern hands added "Ig.", "Guilhafons…" and "Sancta Comb…".


P. Avelino de Jesus da Costa refers to this fragment as: "Caixa 243, 35 – Número 1 – Tombo de Santa Comba de Guilhafonse, 1541". "Santa Comba de Guilhafonse" corresponds today to the parish of Santa Comba in Vila Fonche, located ca 40 km north of Braga.


COSTA Avelino de Jesus da, Pergaminhos Medievais: Inventário Ideográfico e Bibliográfico (9.vols), Braga, Seminário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 1944. COSTA Avelino de Jesus da; ALMEIDA Luís Ferrand de: A biblioteca e o tesouro da Sé de Braga nos séculos XV a XVIII, Braga: Revista "Theologica" 1984, pp. 221, 328 (plate 45).

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