P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 0192

P-G C 0192
C 0192
Source type: 
Subcategory of source: 
Document type: 
15th cent.
Type of script: 
Contents (feasts): 
Folio Ar (Regem evangelistarum), Folio Br (Gaudent angeli)
Page layout: 
Folio Ar: c. 305 x c. 275 mm, one column c. 250 x c. 275, 10 lines alternating text with music; Folio Br: c. 305 x c. 200 mm, one column c. 260 x c. 175, 8 lines alternating text with music.
Condition of document: 
Damaged; illegible on spine due to humidity and because the fragment still binds register book C 192. It consists of two fragments sewed at the spine of the book; verso sides of both folios are illegible due to the binding methods.
Black initials with filigree designs in black and red, C initial in purple with simple decorative design, F initial in red with filigree designs in blue.

Inscriptions on the lateral margins of both folios, referring to the contents of the book bound by the fragments: «Libro da Contagem do Anno de 1605».


Inventário dos códices iluminados até 1500, Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 1994-2001, Vol. 2, p. 57.

Description of the notation: 

Large size neumes around a red line. Custos. The axis of the notation is perfectly vertical. Lozenge is used systematically to mark the lower note of the semitone (E or B). The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is always clearly defined. The lozenge is used either isolated or as part of ascending and descending patterns of two or more notes on one syllable.

Indexing notes: 
Musical index revised by Elsa De Luca.
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