P-SAscm (Santarém) Santa Casa da Misericórdia Frag. 003

Frag. 003

P-SAscm Frag. 003

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13th century
The contents of the two pages are not consecutive.
Type of script

Simple decoration. Plain initials alternatively in blue and red. The only remarkable initials are two decorated "B" and "D" which signal the first responsory of Matins of Pentecost Sunday and Trinity Sunday. A display script in red gives the name of the liturgical occasions. Text and notation in black. Neumes around a red line. The notation is characterised by an uneasy distinction between lozenged and square neumes; sometimes the former clearly indicate the location of the semitone; other instances are ambiguous.

Very faint writing (later hand) along upper margin on f. Br, the ink is vanished and is almost unreadable.
Condition of document

Bifolium fully notated in good condition, good readability.
The margins are irregularly trimmed but there is no loss of contents.
Horizontal folders indicate that the bifolium has been folded for a long time. Many sewing holes.
Spot of humidity on Av right side.

f. Ar Antiphon "Cum autem venerit paraclitus" (Cantus ID 200991) and f. Br Antiphon "Descendit spiritus sanctus repentino" (Cantus ID 201167) are found on Cantus in Iberian sources only (the latter antiphon is not known in Évora). f. Br Antiphon "Gloria laudis resonet" (Cantus ID 002947) has a textual variant not recorded on Cantus. f. Bv Antiphons "Gratias tibi deus" (Cantus ID 002977.1) and "Te invocamus" (Cantus ID 005119) have minor textual variants, the latter not recorded on Cantus.
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