P-Gmas (Guimarães) Museu de Alberto Sampaio LC 003

LC 003

P-Gmas LC 003

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001r- Tempore de Adventum, 014r- Tempore Nativitatis, 032v- Tempore Epiphaniae, 041r- Septuagesima, 049r- Feria iiii Cinerum, 056v- Dominica prima in Quadragesima, 070r- Dominica secunda in Quatuor Tempora, 078v- Dominica tertia in Quadragesima, 091r- Dominica quarta in Quadragesima, 102v- Dominica in Passione, 114v (add.)- In Vigilia Nativitatis Domini.

Type of script
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Inicials in red, blue, black, green or blue and red with some flowered or filigree ornamentation in black, red or green. Black capital letters with 4 ruled lines with red, green and yellow decoration. Most rubrics in red, some in black.

Condition of document

Generally good; several mutilated folios and some margins cut but without interfering with the text/music.

Page layout

725 x 490 mm; one column 605 x 370 mm; 14 lines, of which 7 correspond to sung text.


113 folios with roman numering; folio 114 was added later with no number. Folio 60 is missing. Folios number 36, 47, 81 and 113 are mutilated and it is not possible to see the respective numbering.


Leather over boards


This manuscript has some corrections. Folios number 89v and 93v with an extra stave (8 staves instead of 7). A correction made on folio 59r led the scribe to add in the first stave. Same overall characteristics and date as MS. C 1508 at the Arq. Mun. Alfredo Pimenta, which continues its contents.


MAGALHÃES, Eduardo, "Os livros de Cantochão dos séculos XVI e XVII do Museu Alberto Sampaio" (dissertação de Mestrado, Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras, 2001), pp. 71-75.

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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Cantus ID Mode
001r 1 Ad te levavi animam meam deus Adventus, dom. 1 MI In g00489 8
001r 2 Vias tuas domine demonstra mihi et Adventus, dom. 1 MI InV g00489a 8
001v 1 Universi qui te exspectant non confundentur Adventus, dom. 1 MI Gr g00490 1
001v 2 Vias tuas domine notas fac mihi Adventus, dom. 1 MI GrV g00490a 1
001v 3 Alleluia Ostende nobis domine misericordiam tuam Adventus, dom. 1 MI Al 507038 8
002r 1 Ad te [domine] levavi animam meam Adventus, dom. 1 MI Of g00493 2
002v 1 Dominus dabit benignitatem et terra nostra Adventus, dom. 1 MI Cm g00494 1
002v 2 Populus Sion ecce dominus veniet ad Adventus, dom. 2 MI In g00495 7
003r 1 Qui regis Israel intende qui deducis Adventus, dom. 2 MI InV g00495a 7
003r 2 Ex Sion species decoris ejus deus Adventus, dom. 2 MI Gr g00496 5
003v 1 Congregate illi sanctos ejus qui ordinaverunt Adventus, dom. 2 MI GrV g00496a 5
003v 2 Alleluia Laetatus sum in his quae Adventus, dom. 2 MI Al g00498 1
004r 1 Deus tu convertens vivificabis nos et Adventus, dom. 2 MI Of g00499 3
004v 1 Jerusalem surge et sta in excelso Adventus, dom. 2 MI Cm g00500 2
004v 2 Gaudete in domino semper iterum dico Adventus, dom. 3 MI In g00501 1
004v 3 Benedixisti domine terram tuam avertisti captivitatem Adventus, dom. 3 MI InV g00501b.1 1
005v 1 Qui regis Israel intende qui deducis Adventus, dom. 3 MI GrV g00502a 7
005v 1 Qui sedes domine super cherubim excita Adventus, dom. 3 MI Gr g00502 7
006r 1 Alleluia Excita domine potentiam tuam et Adventus, dom. 3 MI Al g00504 4
006r 2 Benedixisti domine terram tuam avertisti captivitatem Adventus, dom. 3 MI Of g00505 4