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MM 0019

P-Cug MM 0019

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15th century
The manuscript has 4 initial guard leaves with added music and letters (see for example the antiphon 'Veni Sponsa Christi' on the first guard leaf). General contents: 001 - Proprium Sanctorum; 087 - Comune Sanctorum; 227 - In dedicatione ecclesia; 237 - In agenda mortuorum; 245 - Kyriale; 280 - Gloria Patri tones; 283 - Credo; 286 - Alleluia Que est ista tam formosa pulcra; 287 - Alleluia Ave virgo; 290 - Scimus Christe; 290 Alleluia Sceptra Patris; 292 - In Conceptione BMV; 303 - Misit dominus angelum; 304 - In festis angeli custodis; 313 - In transfiguratione; 318 - In Sancti Johannis; 324 - Veni Sancte Spiritus [Sequence]; 325 Alleluia Vox Sancti Bartolomei; 325v - Asperges me; 326 - S Ignatio; 327 - Joseph fili David.
Type of notation

Red, blue and red and blue capitals with filigree designs. The initial guard leaf have a drawing of an angel's head and wings.

Condition of document

Fair. Irregular trimming of some folios margins. Missing folios between pages 164-167; 168-171; 273-276; 287-290; 305-308. Some of the text in red ink is blurred, which turns the reading difficult. It is important to highlight that part of the original text on folios 293 and 295 was replaced by means of later additions of strips of parchments and new text.


There are one ancient foliation (in Roman numerals) and a modern pagination (in Arabic numerals), both are written in black ink. The foliation is placed at the top (in the middle) of the recto of each folio. The pagination is placed at the external top corners of each page. All the references are given here following the modern pagination.

Only the Kyrie have been indexed (see full index on the right).
Biblioteca Geral da Universidade de Coimbra, Inventário dos inéditos e impressos musicais. Subsídios para um catálogo, Coimbra: Biblioteca Geral da Universidade, 1937, p. 25.
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