P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 1426

P-G C 1426
C 1426
Source type: 
Subcategory of source: 
Document type: 
12th - 13th cent.
Contents (feasts): 
A single bifolium: Ar - Bv, Av - Br. There is no foliation on the fragment.
Page layout: 
Ar and Av- 2 columns per page; 29 text lines with no notation. Br- 2 columns per page; left column: 25 text lines with no notation, 2 with notation; right column: 18 text lines with no notation, 5 with notation. Bv- 2 columns per page; left column: 18 text lines with no notation, 5 with notation; right column: 20 text lines with no notation, 4 with notation.
Condition of document: 
Ar- the top right and bottom corners are torn, causing loss of content (text only), the right side is fragile because of multiple creases. Library sticker and water marks cause content to be slightly illegible. Av- bottom is damaged causing loss of content. Br- right edge is slightly damaged; bottom left corner is slightly damaged, causing loss of content (notation). Purple marks on page. Bv- good condition, deep crease, brown leather and stitches cause loss of content (text and notation). Purple and water marks on page. The damaged edges, stitches and multiple pages seen at the bottom left of Bv suggest that the fragment was used as a book cover.
Reinforcing brown leather over spine
Text and notation in black. Initials and rubrics in red.

Ar- top left corner library sticker with illegible writing in black. Middle left sticker with 'Bc 29 [...] 1583 [...]' written in black. Br- top right edge illegible writing in black. Bv- top of the page 'Iivro de vedorias de Tolões des o ano de 1583 / ate 89' written in black. This is possibly a reference to Telões, concelho de Aguiar. Top right corner library sticker with '280 [...]' written in black. On the left margin there is a signature and 'quã' written in pale ink.

Description of the notation: 

Small-sized neumes placed on a red line. Custos. The axis of the notation is slightly slanted. The lozenge is used consistently but only in descending patterns and never in isolation. The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is usually clearly defined.

Indexing notes: 
Musical index revised by Elsa De Luca.
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