E-TUY (Tuy) Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tuy Fragmento 14

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Ar [Quo audito vir dei sentiens (...)] tollerantes Hilarii M R 2.3 601967
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Ar O immutabilem [terminum] [...] planctato facilius illis Hilarii M V 01 601967a
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Ar O quam beatissimus pontifex [...] secum fecit Hilarii M A 3.1 203524
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Ar [Infante du]plici morte damnatur mater Hilarii M A 3.2 202540
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Ar Ecce vita [laudabilis] [...] ornari quam meritis Hilarii M A 3.3 201486
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Av Cum de exsilio regressus Hilarius [Pic] Hilarii M R 3.1 600452
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Av Gemma praesulum remeante ad propria lau[ Hilarii M V 01 600452a
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Av Tunc mater exstincti quae jam mater Hilarii M R 3.2 602364
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Br [Zoe uxor Nicostrati dixit beato Sebas] Fabiani, Sebastiani M R 2.3 007922
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Br Beati qui in omnibus quae locutus Fabiani, Sebastiani M V 01 007922a
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Br Ut vidit beatus Sebastianus [athletas] dei Fabiani, Sebastiani M A 3.1 005298
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Br [Sebastianus dixit Marcelliano et Marco non Fabiani, Sebastiani M A 3.2 004842
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Bv Nolite timere non [separabuntur] a vobis Fabiani, Sebastiani M A 3.3 003897
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Bv Justi autem in perpetuum vivent Fabiani, Sebastiani M W 3. 008112
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Bv [Christo cot]tidie sedulum exhibebat officium Fabiani, Sebastiani M R 3.1 006279
E-TUY Fragmento 014 Bv Ad hoc tantum sub chlamyde [terreni Fabiani, Sebastiani M V 01 006279a
E-TUY Fragmento 014
Fragmento 014
Source type: 
Subcategory of source: 
Document type: 
c. 1400
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Contents (feasts): 
Page layout: 
Each folio: c. 235 x c. 330
Condition of document: 
Bifolio. Mutilated all around, with loss of contents (especially on side margins). Weakened centre. Some dirtiness.
Slightly decorated capitals and initials, on red.

On folio Ar, upper half, there's the following enframed inscription, starting with a cross sign: "Concordia del Abad con el cabildo sobre funciones [y(?)] otras cosas".


The Aquitanian notation is of an Iberian variety. The fragments ("Fragmentos") 1, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21 and 22, held in the Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tui, belonged originally to one and the same antiphoner. They previously served as covers for a register book (see "Inscriptions and marks" above, where the inscriptions identify the book). The present "Fragmento 14" has quite rare non-CAO proper chants for the feast of Hilary of Poitiers, their ordering being identical with the one in the Aquitanian antiphoner E-Tc 44.2.

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