E-TUY (Tuy) Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tuy Fragmento 022

Fragmento 022

E-TUY Fragmento 022

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[c. 1400]
Type of script
Type of notation

Plain or slightly decorated capitals and initials, in red.

On folio Br, rubric starting: "Ab octavis pentecostem usque in aventum (sic) domini et ab octavis epiphanie usque in septuagesima ... ". On folio Bv, on upper half, there is an enframed inscription, in brown: "Real Provision ganada en el Consejo al Ayuntamiento p[ara?] q[ue?] no suban a[l?] Monte r[eal?] las Procesiones de Corpus y las mas [que?] se esp[r?]esan. año de 1805". If "Monte Real" is the correct interpretation of the mentioned locus in this inscription, it might refer to the locality of Monte Real (a medieval fortress), in Baiona, having in mind that two parchments of the group of fragments originally belonging to the same Antiphoner of the present fragment 22 have inscriptions that mention Baiona or related places.
Condition of document

Bifolio. Mutilated on outer margins. Perfuration holes revealing previous binding purposes.

Page layout

Each folio: c. 300 x c. 440

The Aquitanian notation is of an Iberian variety. The fragments ("Fragmentos") 1, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21 and 22, held in the Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tui, belonged originally to one and the same Antiphoner. They previously served as covers or binding material for a register book (see "Inscriptions and marks" above, where the inscriptions identify the book).
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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode Diff
Ar 1 [Abscondi tamquam] aurum peccata mea et Fest. per annum M R ? 006011 6
Ar 2 Tibi soli peccavi et malum coram Fest. per annum M V 01 006011b S
Ar 3 Custodi me domine ut pupillam oculi Fest. per annum M R ? 006385 2
Ar 4 Mirifica misericordias tuas qui salvos facis Fest. per annum M V 01 006385a 2
Ar 5 Regnavit dominus decorem inductus est et Fest. per annum L A 1 204247 1 G
Ar 6 Laudate dominum quoniam suavis est et Fest. per annum L A 2 202873 2 D
Av 1 Laetentur et exsultent omnes fines terrae Fest. per annum L A 3 202831 3 G
Av 2 Omnia opera dominum deum benedicite in Fest. per annum L A 4 203670 6 F
Av 3 Laus dei in ecclesia sanctorum et Fest. per annum L A 5 202902 8 G
Av 4 Dominus regnavit* Fest. per annum L W 008034 r
Av 5 Regnavit dominus praecinctus fortitudine cum decore Fest. per annum L A 6 004599 3 G
Br 1 Sciamus omnes quia dominus ipse est Fest. per annum L A 7 004827 4 E
Br 2 Benedicam te domine in vita mea Fest. per annum L A 8 001688 5 A
Br 3 Omnis creatura benedicat dominum hymnum dicat Fest. per annum L A 9 004118.1 8 G
Br 4 Spiritus omnis laudet dominum quia ipse Fest. per annum L A 10 005001 8 G
Bv 1 Dominus regit me et nihil mihi Fest. per annum L A 11 002420 4 E
Bv 10 Averte oculos meos ne videant vanitatem Fest. per annum T V 01 006946a r
Bv 11 Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Fest. per annum T V 02 909000 r
Bv 12 Ego* Fest. per annum T W 008042 r
Bv 2 Oculi mei semper ad dominum Fest. per annum L A 12 004108 4 E