P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 0048

MM 0048

P-Cug MM 0048

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Polyphony: 1 Agnus Dei; 1 Alleluia; 1 Canção; 1 Canticle; 10 Chansons; 2 Credo; 3 Fabordões; 1 Gloria; 1 Lamentation; 2 Marian antiphons; 46 Motets; 1 Responsory; 1 Sanctus; 7 unidentified (=78). Instrumental: 13
Type of script
Type of notation
Inscription on verso of second unnumbered folio at back of MS: ‘Em os seis dias do mes de junho 1559 começei a dar lição / de tanger aos irmãos dom bras dom bernado e dom joam’, by scribe A (cf. Rees 1995, p. 338)
Condition of document

Fair; ink blots in fols. 78r-81v, with some loss of text in fols. 80v-81r

Page layout

Open score format. 320 × 205 mm


ii + 121 + ii; old, possibly original, brown ink foliation 1-12, 14-62, 64-66, 68, 70-117, 119-124, 126-127; foliation omitted numbers 13 and 63; fol. 67, 69, 118, and 125 are missing


a2, b1+10, c2, d10+1, e10, f1+8+1, g-i10 (i lacks 1 fol. before and after fol. 68), j-n10 (n lacks second leaf, that is fols. 118 and 125), o1+2 (last 2 fols., [i] and [ii], form the back flyleaf). See also Rees (1995), pp. 278-80 and Table 10

1 type of paper; no watermarks

Old, possibly original, soft covers made of a parchment folio apparently from a Latin dictionary; remains of leather ties

MS prepared in advance of copying; three original scribes; alterations and additions by different later hands as late as the 17th-century (see Rees 1995, pp. 278-81). It is comprised predominantly of copies of motets and other vocal polyphony, the majority of which receive textual incipits, or may be partially texted; it also includes a few instrumental (keyboard) pieces. It is closely related to P-Cug MM 242, which was entirely copied by scribe A Blank folios: 68r-68v (staves and vertical lines drawn)

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