P-BRam (Braga) Arquivo Municipal Nº 001 Códices

Nº 001 Códices

P-BRam Nº 001 Códices

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12th century
Chants for Dom. 1 Quadragesimae and Fer. 2 Hebd. 1 Quad.
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Condition of document

Central bifolium in mediocre condition. Folds and sewing holes suggest that the fragment was used as book cover.
Folio 36 was severely trimmed along the vertical edge and almost 1/4 of its original contents is now lost. Many of the chants of the bifolium are now almost unreadable and only the comparison with other Portuguese sources permitted the identification of the musical contents of this fragment.


Original foliation xxxvi and xxxvii can be read on the verso of the two folios.

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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Genre Cantus ID Mode
36r 1 Angelis suis mandavit de te ut Quadragesimae, dom. 1 Gr g00676 ?
36r 2 In manibus portabunt te [ne] unquam Quadragesimae, dom. 1 GrV g00676a ?
36r 3 Qui habitat in adjutorio altissimi in Quadragesimae, dom. 1 Tc g00678 ?
36r 4 Dicet [domino] susceptor meus es et Quadragesimae, dom. 1 TcV g00678a ?
36r 5 [Quoniam] ipse liberavit me de laqueo [ Quadragesimae, dom. 1 TcV g00678b
36r 6 S[capulis] suis obumbravit tibi et Quadragesimae, dom. 1 TcV g00678c ?
36r 7 Scuto circumdabit te [veritas] ejus non Quadragesimae, dom. 1 TcV g00678d ?
36r 8 A sagitta volante per [diem a Quadragesimae, dom. 1 TcV g00678e
36v 1 Ca(dent a latere tuo mille Quadragesimae, dom. 1 TcV g00678f ?
36v 2 Scapulis suis obum(brabit tibi Domi) Quadragesimae, dom. 1 Of g00691 ?
36v 3 Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi et sub Quadragesimae, dom. 1 Cm g00692 ?
36v 4 Sicut oculi servorum in manibus dominorum Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 In g00693 ?
37r 1 (...) Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 InV ?
37r 2 Protector noster aspice deus et respice Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 Gr g00709 ?
37r 3 D(omine) deus virtutum exaudi (preces) Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 GrV g00709a ?
37r 4 (Venite benedicti patris mei percipite regnum Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 Tc g02406 ?
37r 5 (Quae nec oculus vidit nec auris Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 TcV g02406a ?
37r 6 (Percipietis immarcescibilem aeternae gloriae coronam et Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 TcV g02406b ?
37v 1 Levabo oculos meos et considerabo mirabilia Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 Of g00694 ?
37v 2 Voce mea ad dominum clamavi et Quadrag., hebd. 1, fer. 2 Cm g02019 ?