E-ZAahp Archivo Histórico Provincial de Zamora 003


E-ZAahp Perg. Mus. 3

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early 13th century
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Aquitanian notation. Page ruling lines used to provide single line staves to orient the notation. Yellow tint has been added to highlight the single-line staves.

Illuminated initial including blue and yellow tints for first responsory. Its zoomorphic forms display "dragon heads" (Suárez González, p.21).
Flourished initials appear with red, green, yellow and purple/blue tints.

When in use as a book cover, details of the bound book were added and remain partially visible on the verso. On the recto the archive's stamp with pencilled siglum PM 3 identifies the parchment fragment.
Page layout

Up to approx. 490 x 363 mm; two columns per page; column height and width: approx. 380 x 99 mm. 40 lines per page; above top line. Page ruling remains clearly visible on recto.

This single folio fragment was used as the outer cover in the binding of a collection of notary documents from mid-sixteenth-century Toro produced by the notary Francisco Gonzalez de Valderas. Damage has resulted from use as binding material including loss of parchment from outer margins, holes, dirt, obscuring of content, and mainly marginal inscriptions. This and fragment E-ZAahp Perg. Mus. 1 have significant features in common; the two fragments may once have been part of the same book. The pictures were supplied on request by the Archive.
NELSON, Kathleen E., Medieval Liturgical Music of Zamora, Ottawa: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 1996. SUÁREZ GONZÁLEZ, Ana, Fragmentos de libros, bibliotecas de fragmentos, Zamora: Instituto de Estudios Zamoranos Florián de Ocampo, 2003. Includes colour reproduction of initial on verso: plate 4, p. 28.
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