P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade III-1ªD-3-5-069


P-Cua III-1ªD-3-5-069

Source type
Document type
early 13th century
Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Staves with four red lines.

Blue and red initials with red or blue decoration.

There are two library stickers, one identifying the book «III D / 1ª / 3 / 5 / 69» and other with the number «8586».
«INV. BOL. / 95 (2)», in pencil [ff. Av-Br]
«janrº 1623. [?]r~ anni / Do P[?] Frº. Carvalho / Nunez», black ink, upside-down [f. Av]
«1623», black ink, upside-down [f. Br]
«INV. BOL. / 95 (1)», in pencil [f. Bv]
Condition of document

Damaged. Used as book cover and trimmed at the top. The trimming caused loss of contents.

Page layout

Bifolium. Ar c. 280 x c. 250 mm; Br c. 280 x c. 235 mm. One column. Text arranged full page, with seven tetragrams per page in the present state, but at least one stave was lost due to trimming at the top.

The cursus of this Office corresponds to secular use, but the paleographical characteristics evoke manuscripts produced by either secular French or Cistercian monastic scriptoria in the early 13th century. There was a women's Convent of St. Anne in Coimbra, active since at least 1184. If local in origin, this manuscript may have been commissioned by the Convent to a Cistercian or a French-trained clerk. In 1550 a Cistercian College (Colégio de S. Bernardo) was established in Coimbra and the Arquivo da Universidade inherited its administrative documents, dated from 1108 to 1835.
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