P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade III-1ªD-3-1-050 + III-1ªD-3-1-051 + III-1ªD-3-1-052

III-1ªD-3-1-050 + III-1ªD-3-1-051 + III-1ªD-3-1-052

P-Cua III-1ªD-3-1-050 + III-1ªD-3-1-051 + III-1ªD-3-1-052

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c. 1450-1500
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Description of the notation
Red pentagram.

Red and blue initials with filigree. Text and notation in black. Rubrics in red.

Fragment A - ancient inscription: "livro dos pagamentos de 10 mezes começando em 7bro de 618"; recent inscription, in pencil: "INV. BOL. / 95 (8)". Fragment B - Fragment C - ancient inscription: "pagamentos dos conegos julho de 619 pª 620"; recent inscription: "INV. BOL. / 95 (12)".
Condition of document

Fragment A: in reasonable condition.
Fragment B: the inner side is in good condition; the external cover (Br) is in poorer condition, with the ink vanished.
Fragment C: mutilated in the outer margins, with loss of content.

Page layout

Fragment A [III-1ªD-1-50]: c. 495 x c. 285; fragment B [III-1ªD-1-52]: c. 500 x c. 280; fragment C [III-1ªD-1-51]: c. 505x c. 350. Text arranged full page with eight pentagrams (red lines) per page.

The fragments A, B and C, held under different shelfmarks, belonged originally to the same Gradual and were later used as covers or binding material for different books.
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