P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade III-1ªD-3-5-248 + III-1ªD-3-5-256

III-1ªD-3-5-248 + III-1ªD-3-5-256

P-Cua III-1ªD-3-5-248 + III-1ªD-3-5-256

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late 15th - early 16th cent.
Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Late Iberian version of square notation, written over five-line stave in red.

Black initials with blue or brown decoration, blue and red initials. Rubrics in red.

The first fragment has a library sticker identifying the book «III D / 1ª / 3 / 5 / 248», whereas in the second fragment there are two library stickers, one identifying the book «III D / 1ª / 3 / 5 / 256», the remaining with the number «8384». Additionally, on the same side of these stickers there are scribbles written in black ink that seem to be either names or calculations.
Condition of document

Damaged. Both fragments are now used as book covers. The second fragment (III-1ªD-3-5-256 - photo name "Br-Bv") is half-trimmed. The margins of both folios are folded inwards, thus covering part of the music/text of the opposite side.

Page layout

Av side c. 540 x c. 355 mm; Br c. 260 x c. 390 mm. One column c. 385 x 270 (Av); 215 x 260 (Br). Six lines with music and text.

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