P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade IV-3ª Gav. 44 (18)

IV-3ª Gav. 44 (18)

P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (18)

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c. 1400
Chants for Dom. Pentecostes (from Lauds to second Vespers).
Recto, bottom margin: "INV./ BOL./ 96 (44); IV-3ª S - GV. 44 (18)". Verso, bottom margin, humanistic hand: "an[tiphon]a de feria secu[n]da. Si quis. / fol. 151. de feria tercia. pace[m] / fol. 147" In a more recent hand: "INV./ BOL./ 96 (44); IV-3ª S - GV. 44 (18)". "Capa de um livro de notas do not. Antº Martins, Coimbra (157-)"
Condition of document

Single leaf fragment in poor condition. It was formerly used as a book cover; the recto (external cover) is hardly readable. Ink is vanished in many points; there are spots of dirtiness. Long cut along the left vertical edge (verso) resulting in loss of contents. Traces of library stickers and library stamp on the recto.

Page layout

c. 510 x c. 275 mm. Two columns. Ten lines of text per column, each with one line above for notation, c. 410 x c. 120 mm.


Part of the original foliation in Roman numerals can be seen at the top of the recto (Cxvi ? — the x has a mark above and may stand for 40). The catchword ([babti]zatus) at the bottom of the verso suggest that this folio originally ended the quire.

Together with P-Cua IV-3ª Gv 044 (16) and (17), this fragment is one of three leaves dismantled from the same lost antiphonary: evidences for their common source are the identity, among others, of: (1) textual and musical ductus (especially of more complex shapes such as 'a', rising liquescences, quilisma ...); (2) decorations (filling coloured lines inside of bigger capitals, dots at the extremities of serifs); (3) occasional red-line boxings for rubrics, and so forth... Fragments 17 and 18 were used as a cover in the same notebook belonging to the notary António Martins in the late 16th century.
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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode Diff
recto 0 [Dum complerentur dies pentecostes erant omnes] ( Pentecostes L A 002442 3 96d
recto 1 S(piritus domini replevit orbem terrarum Pentecostes L A 004998 8 84a
recto 2 (Repleti) sunt) omnes (spiritu sancto et Pentecostes L A 004613 8 84a
recto 3 (Fontes et omnia quae moven)tur Pentecostes L A 002889 1 *
recto 5 L(oquebantur variis) linguis aposto(li Pentecostes A 003634 7 *
recto 6 Accipite (spiritum) [sanctum] (quorum remiseritis peccata) ( Pentecostes E A B1 001234 7 *
recto 7 S[i quis] diligit me sermonem [ Pentecostes E A B2 004906 3 213a
verso 1 U(...)* Pentecostes E A B3 *
verso 10 Repleti [sunt] omnes spiritu sancto* Pentecostes N W 008182 *
verso 11 [D]um complerentur dies pen* Pentecostes V2 A 3 *
verso 12 Alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia Pentecostes V2 A 001333 7?
verso 13 Hodie completi sunt dies pentecostes alleluia Pentecostes E A M 003096 1 *
verso 2 [R]epleti sunt omnes spiritu [sanc] Pentecostes T R 007530 6
verso 3 Et coe[per]unt loqui variis Pentecostes T V 01 007530zc 6
verso 4 Loquebantur v[ariis] l[inguis] a[ Pentecostes T W 008126 ?
verso 5 [L]oquebantur variis [lin]guis apostoli Pentecostes S R 007100 r
verso 6 [Ma]gnalia dei Pentecostes S V 01 007100a r
verso 7 Spiritus domini [alleluia R. Re]plevit Pentecostes S W 008204.1 *
verso 8 [S]piritus domini replevit or[bem] Pentecostes N R 007689 r
verso 9 [Et h](oc quod continet omnia) Pentecostes N V 01 007689a r