P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade III-1ªD-3-1-181...

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P-Cua III-1ªD-3-1-181 + III-1ªD-3-1-185 + III-1ªD-8-3-073
III-1ªD-3-1-181 + III-1ªD-3-1-185 + III-1ªD-8-3-073
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Document type: 
15th/16th century
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III-1ªD-3-1-181: c. 235 x 405 mm, one column. III-1ªD-3-1-185: c. 230 x 405 mm, one column. III-1ªD-8-3-173: c. 490 x 335 mm, one column.
Condition of document: 
Slightly damaged. III-1ªD-8-3-73 has some holes, probably due to ink corrosion.
Red initials; some black flourished initials filled with green and red ink; rubrics in red.

Some late illegible scrawls.


These fragments, held under different shelfmarks, belonged originally to the same antiphoner and were later used as covers or binding material for different books. Identified as A, B and C, they could be liturgically ordered, for the chants in B are normally prescribed for the Sunday of Pentecost and the following Monday. The folio Br has been reconstructed; the original images are identified in the "image gallery", as photos "Z1" and "Z2". The folio Cv has been reconstructed as well; the original images are given as photos "Z3" and "Z4".

Description of the notation: 

Square neumes on red 5-line staff.

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