P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 1063 (21) + MM 1063 (23)

MM 1063 (21) + MM 1063 (23)

P-Cug MM 1063 (21) + MM 1063 (23)

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15th cent.

The assignment of the chants on fragment MM 1063 (23) to Dom. Resurrectionis has been solely based on the comparison with other sources in the Cantus Index catalogue. There, the chants found on MM 1063 (23) are commonly - but not exclusively - assigned to this feast.

Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation

Square notation with use of plica. Notation is placed on a four-line stave.

Condition of document

Badly damaged fragments with huge loss of contents. Currently both fragments consist of just two vertical stripes of parchment of approximately the same size. Analysis of the contents confirmed that the two stripes of parchment originally belonged to two different folios. MM 1063 (23) is slightly in better condition and the recto and the verso could be identified by means of musical analysis. Library stamps found on MM 1063 (21) image B and on MM 1063 (23) verso.

Page layout

Each stripe contains 10 incomplete staves. The responsory 'Dum transisset' (Cantus ID 006565) starts on the recto of MM 1063 (23) - the analysis of its text allows us to hypothesize that one stave is missing at the top of the fragments.


The two images of fragment MM 1063 (21) have been randomly ordered since the contents of this fragment are almost completely unreadable. Consequently, it is not clear which of the two fragments came first in the original book.

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