P-Cm (Coimbra) Biblioteca Municipal B60-51


P-Cm B60-51

Source type
16th cent.
The liturgical feast remains indeterminate because this liturgical series cannot be found in any other source indexed into PEM up to the present date (December 2022).
Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Square notation (Iberian variety), placed on a red five-line stave, with custodes.
"Receitta e despeza, 1641" in ink, along the right border of the verso; possibly written by a seventeenth-century hand.
Condition of document

Single-page fragment fully notated. The fragment currently serves as book cover, it has been turned 90 degrees and now it fully covers the book. The verso is the external side of the cover. The very top border has been folded on the recto, if opened, one can read part of the original numbering in Roman numerals (CLX etc.?) at the top right corner. There is no loss of contents, even though the borders have been trimmed. Part of the fifth stave (on both sides) is partially unreadable as it serves as book spine. Two library stickers can be found on the verso: one bears the shelf-mark number written with a pencil by a modern hand, the other sticker (larger, also square-shaped) provides info on the arquive and shelfmark and it reads 'Receitas e despezas 1641'.

Page layout

Fully notated. 7 staves per page.

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