P-PLmt (Ponte de Lima) Museu dos Terceiros s.c.

P-Plmt s.c.
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Document type: 
late 16th century
Type of notation: 
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f. 1r: antiphon Sub tuum praesidium;
ff. 1v-2v: Asperges me;
ff. 3r-4v: Vidi aquam;
ff. 4v-8r: Gloria Patri tones;
ff. 8r-38v, Kyrie and Sanctus tones;
ff. 81r-84v: Memorial chants for Mary (antiphons);
ff. 86r-111r: Officium Defunctorum;
ff. 111v-119v: Ad Missa Defunctorum;
ff. 120r-147v: Invitatorium tones, Venite exultemos domino;
ff. 148r-150v: Te Deum laudamus.

150 folios. Roman numbering at top right of the recto.
Page layout: 
Fol.: 610 mm x 440 mm, one column c. 475mm x 310mm with 6 staves and 6 text lines.
Condition of document: 
This codex is in good condition despite some lacunas. The following folios are missing: 29, 39-80, 85 and 143. The ink on the first two folios is faded. The initials of f. 1rv are incomplete. ff. 9 and 115 are ripped; f. 31 is also teared but stitched. ff. 30 and 144-147 were also cut but it is still possible to read the contents (music and text).
Leather over boards.
Filigree square in blue and red on fol. 1v. Black initials with cadel decoration (see for example ff. 3v-4r). The capital A (for [A]sperges me) was never filled (f. 1v).

Sticker on the back cover «Tom. 4»

Description of the notation: 

Mensural notation in black ink on five red lines, ff. 148r-150v.

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