P-BRad (Braga) Arquivo Distrital Pastas de fragmentos, 081 (olim Caixa 245, nº 13)

Pastas de fragmentos, 081 (olim Caixa 245, nº 13)

P-BRad Pastas 081

Source type
Document type
13th century (1st half)
Type of notation

Plain initials in red, black, reddish-brown, with simple decoration in the same color or yellow. Display script in red. Text and notation in black ink. Aquitanian neumes around a red line.

Many later hand inscriptions on fols. Av, Br and Bv. The most relevant is probably: "(...) Iheronimus ludovicus notarius me fecit" on fol. Br.
Condition of document

Central bifolium damaged mostly on fols. Av and Br, which are largely unreadable. Here, the ink is vanished and the parchment darkened. Wrinkles, folds and spots all over the fragment. Fol. Ar is mutilated at the bottom, with loss of contents.

Page layout

Size of the fragment: 372-382 x ca 505 mm. Fol. A 248-254 x 372-382 mm. Fol. B 254-258 x 372-382 mm. Text area: two columns, ca 83 x c. 295 mm.
Text lines: Av left column 36, right column 34; Ar 35; Bv left column 36, right column 34; Br 34 left column, 35 right column.

P. Avelino de Jesus da Costa refers to this fragment as: "Caixa 245- 50 – Número 13 – Tombo de Salvador de Pedregais, 1548". Pedregais is located ca 30 km north of Braga.

COSTA Avelino de Jesus da, Pergaminhos Medievais: Inventário Ideográfico e Bibliográfico (9 vols.), Braga, Seminário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 1944.

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