P-BRad (Braga) Arquivo Distrital Pastas de fragmentos, 082

Pastas de fragmentos, 082

P-BRad Pastas 082

Source type
Document type
12th - 13th century
Type of notation

Text in brown, notation in black on a red line. Display script in red, plain initials in red or black, simple pen-flourished initials on fol. B.

Modern hands added on fol. Br: "82" in red ink; "Matricula 20-3-1558" in blue ink. At the bottom left corner of the same page there is an ancient inscription in yellowish ink (partially vanished). Another hand added at the bottom of fol. Av "20 de maio 1559".
Condition of document

Good condition. Bifolium made of two non-consecutive pages. Many folds and wrinkles. Set of ruling pricks, spots of humidity, small holes all over the fragment. The borders are trimmed, the original foliation is missing, in certain points the ink is partially vanished but the contents are still readable. On fol. A the space for notation was provided but the music not added.

Page layout

Measurements: bifolium 342-356 x 470-506 mm; fol. A 342-356 x 242-257 mm; fol. B 342- 356 x 225-260. Text area: fol. Ar ca 176 x c. 302 mm; fol. Av ca 175 x c. 240; fol. Br ca 173 x 242; fol. Bv ca175 x 240. 22 lines, some with music.

P. Avelino de Jesus da Costa referes to this fragment as: "Caixa 315 Matrículas de Ordens - 203 – 20 de Março de 1559".

COSTA Avelino Jesus da, Pergaminhos Medievais: Inventário Ideográfico e Bibliográfico (9.vols), Braga, Seminário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 1944.

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