P-BRad (Braga) Arquivo Distrital Pastas de fragmentos, 011 (olim Caixa 240, n° 11)

Pastas de fragmentos, 011 (olim Caixa 240, n° 11)

P-BRad Pastas 011

Source type
Document type
13th - 14th century
Type of script

Simple decoration: plain initials in red, black, blue and green. Display script in red. Text and notation in black. Aquitanian neums (Portuguese variety, early stage) around a red line.

"11" written in red ink between the two columns at the top of fol. 2r. Two marginal annotations on fol. 2v refer to the Gospel readings. On the same page - between the two columns - there is an unreadable annotation written by a modern hand, probably in Portuguese. At the bottom of fol. 7 v there are some annotations written reversed with respect to the text. These annotations provide information on the provenance of the fragment "Amares e Besteiros" (the two cities are located ca 15 km north-east of Braga). A more modern hand added "240 n° 11" in blue ink on the same page.
Condition of document

Bifolium in good condition despite the fact that it remained folded for long time. Along the vertical fold there is a remnant of the original stitching. Two small holes on fol. 2, stains of dirtiness at the bottom of fols. 2r and 7v.

Page layout

Fragment size: 500-505 x 390-307 mm. Fol. 2: 254-258 x 390 mm. Fol. 7: 249-252 x 390-396 mm. Text area: two columns of 82 x ca 320 mm (fol. 2r); two columns of c. 80 x c. 299 mm (fol. 2v); two columns of c. 82 x 298 mm (fol. 7r); two columns of c. 78 x c. 298 mm (fol. 7v). 34 text lines on fol. 2, some with music. 32 text lines on fol. 7, some with music.


Original foliation in roman numberals: II and VII.

P. Avelino de Jesus da Costa referes to this fragment as: "Caixa 240, 21 – Número 11 – Tombo de Salvador de Amares e de S. Paio de Besteiros, 1549".

COSTA Avelino de Jesus da, Pergaminhos Medievais: Inventário Ideográfico e Bibliográfico (9.vols), Braga, Seminário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 1944.

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