P-BRad (Braga) Arquivo Distrital Pastas de fragmentos, 054 (olim Caixa 315, n° 201)

Pastas de fragmentos, 054 (olim Caixa 315, n° 201)

P-BRad Pastas 054

Source type
Document type
13th century, first half

Simple decoration: plain initials in red and black, display script in red, text and notation in black. Neumes on a red line.

Later hand inscriptions on fols. Br (top half of the page) and Av (along the right border and above the music area). Fol. Br: "1545 - 1551" (written twice); "54" in red ink; "Matricula" in blue ink and other unreadable inscriptions. Fol. Av: unreadable.
Condition of document

Bifolium slightly damaged. Creases, the ink is vanished in many points (especially on fols. Ar-Bv, external cover), holes along the central fold, three small holes on fol. B, a big patch of damp on the top-left border of fol. Av, the right border of fol. Ar has been folded for long time, a deep rip is present at the top of fol. Ar.

Page layout

Bifolium size: 295 x 245 mm. Text area: one column 275 x 160 mm. 33 text lines, some with music.

P. Avelino de Jesus da Costa referes to this fragment as: "Caixa 315 - Matrículas de Ordens, 201 – 4 de Outubro de 1545 a 11 de Outubro de 1551".

COSTA Avelino de Jesus da, Pergaminhos Medievais: Inventário Ideográfico e Bibliográfico (9.vols), Braga, Seminário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 1944.

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