P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 1063 (78)

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151r In consilio justorum* Omnium Sanctorum V2 A 003214
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151r Christe redemptor* Omnium Sanctorum V2 H 008276
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151r Mirabilis* Omnium Sanctorum V2 W 008141
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151r B[eati estis san](cti dei Omnium Sanctorum E A 1M 001581
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151r [Domine deus vir](tutum beati om)[ Omnium Sanctorum E A 2M 002340
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151r - 151v E(n caelo receptus videri ultra Martini V A 002644
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v Domine si adhuc* Martini V R 006513
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v Rex Christe Martini* Martini V H 008385
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v Ecce sacerdos magnus* Martini V W 008040
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v O Martine o pie quam pium Martini E A M 004038
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v Martinus ecce migr(at hic) pauper Martini M I 001103
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v Rex Christe Martini decus* Martini M H 008385
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v Sanctus Martinus obitum suum longe ante Martini M A 004785
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 151v - 152r Cum repente viribus corporis coepit [destitui Martini M A 002029
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 152r Scimus quidem te pater desiderare Christum Martini M A 004829
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 152r Amavit eum* Martini M W
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 152r-152v Hi(c) est Martinus electus dei ( Martini M R 1.1 006825
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 152v [Sanctae trinitatis] (fidem) [Martinus confessus est] Martini M V 01 006825a
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 152v Domine si adhuc populo tuo sum ( Martini M R 1.2 006513
P-Cug MM 1063 (78) 152v (Gravis quidem) est domine corporeae (pugna Martini M V 01 006513zb
P-Cug MM 1063 (78)
MM 1063 (78)
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Document type: 
13th century
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Contents (feasts): 

Some chants for All Saints followed by the Office for St. Martin of Tours.

The original foliation 'CLI' and 'CLII' can be read at the top of the recto of fols. 151 and 152.
Page layout: 
Fol. 151: c. 435 x c. 260 mm. Fol. 152r: c. 435 x c. 275 mm, 17 lines of text (left column); 19 lines of text (right column). Two columns c. 325 x c. 95 mm.
Condition of document: 
Central bifolium formerly used as a book cover. The external cover (151r-152v) is hardly readable, the ink is vanished in many points and there are several spots of dirtiness. Folders along the edges to fit the bifolium to the size of the book it covered. Irregular edges and holes. Two library stickers on fol. 151r with number 1035. Library stamps on fols. 151r, 152r.
Red initials, rubrics in red.

Several additions by later hands on fol. 151r: "16" penciled on top left corner by a 20th-century hand; earlier ink inscription "NJ3G39" in the middle; "sec. XIV princípio - / 1 -11 Novº / de S. Martinho" penciled below.


CORBIN, Solange, Essai sur la musique réligieuse portugaise au Moyen Age (1100-1385), Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1952

Description of the notation: 

Medium size Aquitanian notation. The lozenge is widely but freely employed (does not convey information on the placement of the semitones).

Indexing notes: 
The responsory verse 'Gravis quidem' employed for the office of St Martin (CANTUS ID 006513zb) on fol. 152v is exclusive to Iberian sources. It is also found in P-BRs (Braga) Ms. 028.
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