P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 1430

C 1430

P-G C 1430

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16th century
Troped Kyrie Rex magne Domine
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There are two capitals on the recto, the first one in red and the second in black.

Two library stickers on the recto: '284[...]'; and 'Nº22: 9-2-1599 a 7-8-1613'. On the verso a modern hand wrote: 'A-2-1-62'.
Condition of document

This single-leaf folio fragment is currently being used as book cover and it is badly damaged. The fragment is wrinkled and the edges are torn and irregularly trimmed. Loss of contents at the top and the bottom as well.The recto (external cover) is in poorer condition and the ink very faded, however, it seems possible to argue that there were originally some red lines without music.


There is not much content to classify the melodie before Rex magne domine. If one compares the manuscripts in which the Kyrie Rex magne domine exists, the final part maybe belong to melody Mel 48.


VEIGA, Diogo Alte da, «Manuscritos musicais medievais e modernos no Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta: contribuições para um catálogo» in Boletim de Trabalhos Históricos, Série III vol. VII, Guimarães, 2018, pp. 83-110.

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v 1 Rex m[a]gne domine quem unknowable MI Ky 509501