P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta N 46

P-G N 046
N 046
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12th - 13th century
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The most interesting chants of the fragment are on f. 110r: the Offertory verses are not part of the standard, late Gregorian repertory.

The original foliation is still readable on both folios: cx, cxi.
Page layout: 
Fol. 110 ca 270 x ca 385 mm; fol. 111 ca 280 x ca 385 mm. The text is arranged in two columns. Fol. 110: left column ca 85 x ca 270 mm, right column ca 90 x ca 270 mm. Fol. 111: ca 85 x ca 270 mm. 32 text lines.
Condition of document: 
Central bifolium damaged, with loss of contents. The fragment has been folded for long time and used as book cover. Spots of humidity. Fols. 110v and 111r are in poorer condition (external cover), the ink is mostly vanished. Fol. 111 has two big holes. Folds and creases all over the fragment.
Two inhabited initials marked by animal, floral or plant motifs. On fol. 110v there is tall 'D' (its height corresponds approximately to 8 text lines) decorated with brown, green, red, yellow. On fol. 111v there is 'F' (its height corresponds approximately to 9 text lines) decorated with red, yellow, brown. Plain initials in red and blue. Display script in red. Text and notation in black. Aquitanian neumes around a dry-point line.

On fol. 110v there are some inscriptions: Masso 111C / Nota 226; 1587 / 1588.


VEIGA, Diogo Alte da, «O Aleluia na monodia litúrgica em Portugal até 1600: comparações melódicas» (Master’s Thesis, FCSH-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2009), p. 197. Harmonies of Heaven and Earth: The music in the manuscripts of Guimarães (12th – 17th centuries), Guimarães, Museu de Alberto Sampaio, 2012. ISBN 978-989-97732-1-9

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