E-Sco (Sevilla) Institución Colombina Libro 069

Libro 069

E-Sco Libro 069

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15th century (second half)
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Richly illuminated manuscript, using several colours, including gold, with phytomorphic and zoomorphic motifs. This decorative style distinguishes two-line capital letters and one-line initials (these ones sometimes in brown and sepia). The illuminated capital C on folio 2v depicts a Nativity scene.

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48 folios. Lately added arabic numbering. First original folios missing.


Leather over boards, painted with decorations in brown, with metal staples and locks.

This manuscript has been updated in the last quarter of the 16t century according to the Tridentine reform. Following the humanistic principles promoted by Trent, the melodies were slightly modified, although generally keeping the main design of the original versions, still visible beneath the erasures and modifications. The setting of the liturgical elements was also forcibly modified; in this case, however, it is quite impossible to see the original layer. Therefore, for the entries "Tradition" and "Use" above, we indicate "Roman (post-Tridentine)".

HIDALGO, Rosario Marchena, “La iluminación en Sevilla a lo largo del siglo XV”, Laboratorio de Arte, 20 (2007), pp. 9-30; Idem, Las miniaturas de los libros de coro de la Catedral de Sevilla: el siglo XVI, Sevilha: Universidad de Sevilla e Fundación Focus – Abengoa, 1998.

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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode Diff
001r 1 Scitote quia prope est regnum dei Nativitas Domini, vig. N A 004834.1 8 G
002v 1 Christus natus est nobis venite adoremus Nativitas Domini M I 001055 4 CH
003r-010r 1 Venite exsultemus domino jubilemus deo salutari Nativitas Domini M IP 909030
010v 1 Jesu redemptor omnium* Nativitas Domini M H 830176 ?
010v-011r 2 Dominus dixit ad me filius meus Nativitas Domini M A 1.1 002406 8 G
011v 1 Tamquam sponsus dominus procedens de thalamo Nativitas Domini M A 1.2 005101 8 G
012r 1 Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis Nativitas Domini M A 1.3 002216 1 F
012v 1 Tamquam sponsus Nativitas Domini M W 1. 008216 *
012v-014r 2 Hodie nobis caelorum rex de virgine Nativitas Domini M R 1.1 006858 5
014r-014v 1 Gloria in excelsis deo et in Nativitas Domini M V 01 006858a 5
015r 1 Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Nativitas Domini M V 02 909000 5
016r-016v 1 Hodie nobis de caelo pax vera Nativitas Domini M R 1.2 006859 8
016v-017v 1 Hodie illuxit dies redemptionis nostrae reparationis Nativitas Domini M V 01 006859b 8
017v-018v 1 Quem vidistis pastores dicite annuntiate nobis Nativitas Domini M R 1.3 007470 4
018v-019r 1 Dicite quidnam vidistis et annuntiate Christi Nativitas Domini M V 01 007470b 4
019r-019v 1 Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Nativitas Domini M V 02 909000 4
019v-020r 1 Suscepimus deus misericordiam tuam in medio Nativitas Domini M A 2.1 005084 8 G
020v 1 Orietur diebus domini abundantia pacis et Nativitas Domini M A 2.2 004194 3 B
021r 1 Veritas de terra orta est et Nativitas Domini M A 2.3 005368 8 C
021v 1 Notum fecit dominus* Nativitas Domini M W 2. 008153 *