P-EVc (Évora) Arquivo da Sé Cod.Perg. Lit. (B7 cota provisória)

Cod.Perg. Lit. (B7 cota provisória)

P-EVc Cod.Perg. Lit. ?

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This Gradual begins with three antiphons and a responsory (fol. 1v - Exaudi nos domine, fol. 3v - Immutemur habitu, fol. 4r - Inter vestibulum, fol. 5r - Emendemus in melius). Then, it continues with the Proprium de Tempore (fols. 7r - 122v). Finally, there are a Kyrie Eleison, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei (fol. 123r) and the index of feasts (fol. 123v).
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On fol. 1v there is the only decorated initial of the manuscript and it stands out for its beauty. It is a "E" with a colourful zoomorphic/anthropomorphic design (dragons and faces). The letter is placed in a square with red and yellow borders with filigree design. The background of the letter is blue and it is decorated with flourish design. One snail, one cricket, two birds and six butterflies complete the initial. Capitals in black ink with cadel design (e.g. fol. 2v). Capitals in red ink decorated with blue-ink flourish (e.g. 3v) or filigree (e.g. 4r). Red plain capitals on fol. 123r.

Information on the date and origin of the manuscript can be found on fol. 1r.
Condition of document

The overall condition of the manuscript is good. Fols. 1 to 3 show a long fold that runs from the top to the bottom. The manuscript shows traces of an early restoration made by pasting portions of parchment/paper along the lateral borders (fols. 1 and 2), bottom edges (fols. 50 and 123), and to fill a hole (fol. 79). The restoration caused no loss of contents, except on fol. 50r where a syllable was covered by the pasted addition. On fols. 62r and 79r we can observe an attempt of correcting the original notation made by adding some small portions of parchment to hide it. The original notation was occasionally erased and, sometimes, new notes added (e.g. fols. 8v, 22v, 29v, 40r, 42r, 114v, 115r). On fols. 67v, 76r, and 117v part of the text was erased and replaced by a new one. Ink blurred due to humidity on fols. 8v, 11v, 12r, 21v, 37r, 102v, 116v (inter alia).

Page layout

Five staves per page. Fol. 123 is the last sheet of the manuscript and it shows a different layout: 8 staves instead of 5; plain red initials versus more decorated initials. Fol. 123r contains some chants for the Ordinarium (Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei) while fol. 123v has an index with the liturgical feasts of the book written by a modern hand.


Roman numbering in red ink placed at the upper right corner of the recto.

This book is located at Torre dos Azulejos.
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123r 1 Kyrie eleison Christe eleison Kyrie eleison unknowable MI Ky 509501 4?