P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta N 080

N 080

P-G N 080

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13th cent., second half
Description of the notation

Medium size neumes. The axis of the notation is vertical. The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is usually clearly defined; however, the lozenge is not used consistently. For instance, on fol. Bv in the Antiphon Afferte domino (Cantus ID number 001303) there is only one lozenge and it is found on the line. The finalis is also on the line. If this lozenge was not randomly placed, it hints that this antiphon is in 4th mode with the line meaning E. In other occasions, the mode of the chant could not be identified because of the poor condition of the fragment but also for the inconsistent use of the lozenge by the scribe. The lozenge is used either in isolation or as part of a descending pattern of two or more notes on one syllable. Apparently custodes were not originally written on this fragment (this cannot be said with certainty because the fragment has irregular borders and it is now in very poor condition).

Condition of document

Non-central bifolium in poor condition. The fragment has been trimmed to fit the size of the book it currently covers. There are many creases, folds, holes, and tears. The fragment is unreadable in many points.

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One full page column.


Absent (fols. A - B).

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