P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta N 022

P-G N 022
N 022
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13th cent.

There are only three notated antiphons on this fragment. The third one (Dixit dominus) has Cantus ID a00026 and it is rarely found. Up to the present date, it has been recorded only in two more sources: P-BRs Ms. 32 fol. 126r for the Magnificat of Dom. Sexagesimae; and at the beginning of the single-page fragment E-TUY Fragmento 18 for the Magnificat of Dom. Quinquagesimae.

Page layout: 
Two columns.
Condition of document: 
Single-page fragment currently used as book cover. Being the verso the external cover, it is in poorer condition. The top margin of the fragment has been trimmed to fit the size of the book. Part of the contents of the recto is unreadable because the fragment also covers the book spine. Big rip on the right side of the recto.

Later hand inscriptions on the verso.

Description of the notation: 

Medium size neumes around a red line. Custodes. The axis of the notation is vertical. The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is clearly defined. The lozenge is used consistently either in isolation or as part of a compound neume (descending / ascending pattern).

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