P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta P 714

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-G P 714 Ar illeg. Octava Martini [?]
P-G P 714 Ar M(artinus adhuc) [catechumenus hac me Octava Martini M A 1 003712
P-G P 714 Ar [Sanctae trinita](tis fidem Martinus) [con]( Octava Martini M A 2
P-G P 714 Ar Ego (signo crucis non) [clipeo] (protectus Octava Martini M A 3 002587
P-G P 714 Ar (Hic est Martinus)* Octava Martini M R 1.1 006825
P-G P 714 Av Domine si adhuc* Octava Martini M R 1.2 006513
P-G P 714 Av Gravis quidem* Octava Martini M V 01 006513zb
P-G P 714 Av O vere beatum* Octava Martini M R 1.3 007301
P-G P 714 Av O virum (...)* Octava Martini M V 01
P-G P 714 Av Confido in domino quo[d] fili[ Octava Martini M A 1.1 001872
P-G P 714 Av [Tetra]di(us) cognita [dei virtute Octava Martini M A 1.2 005141
P-G P 714 Av LACUNA Octava Martini M
P-G P 714 Av [...]prisin[...] Octava Martini M A
P-G P 714 Av O [i]neffab[ilem virum] per Octava Martini M A 004033
P-G P 714 Av O beatum (...)* Octava Martini M R 2.1
P-G P 714 Br [O quantus erat luctus omnium quanta - indeterminate - M R 3.2 007295
P-G P 714 Br Bea(ti) vir[i] corpus usque - indeterminate - M V 01 007295a
P-G P 714 Br [Martinus] Abra[hae sinu laetus excipi] - indeterminate - M R 3.3 007132
P-G P 714 Br M[artinus episcopus migravit a] secul( - indeterminate - M V 01 007132a
P-G P 714 Br [...]ia e [...] - indeterminate - M V 02 909000
P-G P 714 Br O [...] iste [...] (s) [...] - indeterminate - [?]
P-G P 714 Bv UNREADABLE - indeterminate -
P-G P 714 Bv UNREADABLE - indeterminate - A
P-G P 714 Bv O [quantus luctus] (omnium quanta p[ E A B 004074
P-G P 714 Bv O [beatum virum cujus anima paradisum - indeterminate - E A M 004005
P-G P 714 Bv Regem confessorum* - indeterminate - M I 001129
P-G P 714 Bv UNREADABLE - indeterminate - A
P-G P 714 Bv B(eatus Martinus dixit iuliano Christi) [ - indeterminate - A 001644
P-G P 714 Bv S(acerdos dei Martine) [pastor egregie - indeterminate - A 004671
P-G P 714
P 714
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13th cent. (1st half)
Contents (feasts): 

The liturgical feast 'Octava Martini' of the chants on fol. A is written on fol. Ar (see the bottom of the left column). Chants on fol. B are usually sung in liturgical feasts related to St Martin in other manuscripts. Although it exists the possibility that these chants on fol. B were also sung for 'Octava Martini' or even for 'Martini', the liturgical feasts of fol. B were left 'indeterminate' because there is not exact correspondence between the liturgical order of the chants found on the fragment and those found in other sources (either for Octava Martini or other related liturgical feasts).

Page layout: 
Two columns per page.
Condition of document: 
Non-central bifolium used as book cover and now in very poor condition. Loss of contents due to 1) irregular trimming, 2) tears along the borders, 3) dirtiness, creases and stains. Fols. Bv and Ar are the external cover and their contents are almost unreadable. Two library stickers on fol. Ar.

Several later-hand inscriptions on Av, Br and Bv.

Description of the notation: 

Large size neumes. The axis of the notation is vertical. Custodes absent. The lozenge is used consistently either in isolation or as part of compound neumes. The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is clearly defined.

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