P-EVc (Évora) Arquivo da Sé CEC 13-IX

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar [Simile est regnum caelorum sagenae missae - indeterminate - V A 004956
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Venite adoremus regem [martyrum] dominum - indeterminate - M I 100280
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Virginis proles* - indeterminate - M H
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Specie tua et pulcritudine [tua in] - indeterminate - M A 1.1 004987
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis - indeterminate - M A 1.2 002216
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar O quam pulcra es casta genera[ - indeterminate - M A 1.3 004069.1
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Diffusa est* - indeterminate - M W 1. 008014
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis - indeterminate - M R 1.1 006446
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Dilexisti [justitia]m et odisti iniquitatem - indeterminate - M V 01 006446b
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Ar Veni dilecta mea et ponam in - indeterminate - M R 1.2 007826.1
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Specie tua et pulcritudin[e tua] - indeterminate - M V 02 007826a
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Dilexisti [jus]titiam et odisti iniquitatem - indeterminate - M R 1.3 006450
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Diffusa est gra[tia] in labiis - indeterminate - M V 03 006450c
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Tota pulchra es amic[a mea] - indeterminate - M A 2.1 005161
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Ad[juvabit] ea[m deus vu] - indeterminate - M A 2.2 001282
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Hec est virgo sancta atque g[ - indeterminate - M A 2.3 202085
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Pulcra facie sed pulcrior fide beata - indeterminate - M R 2.1 007452
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Av Specie tua et pulcritudine tua inte[...] - indeterminate - M V 04 007452a
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br [...] scitote quia dominus sanctos suos mirificavit - indeterminate - A 002879
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br Scuto bone voluntatis tue coronasti eos - indeterminate - A 004838
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br In universa terra gloria et honore - indeterminate - A 003304
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br Letamini in domino* - indeterminate - W 008120
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br Sancti tui domine mirabile consecuti sunt - indeterminate - R 007592
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br Victricem manum tuam laudaverunt (pariter et) - indeterminate - V 007592b
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br Verbera carnificum non timuerunt sancti (dei) - indeterminate - R 007836
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Br Tradiderunt corpora sua propter deum ad - indeterminate - V 007836b
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Propter testamentum domini et leges paternas - indeterminate - R 007440
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Ecce quam bonum et quam jocundum - indeterminate - V 007440a
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Habitab(un)t in tabernaculo tuo - indeterminate - A 002987
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Sanctis qui in terra sunt ejus ( - indeterminate - A 004751
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Haec est generatio quaerentium (dominum) quaerentium - indeterminate - A 002999
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv (Exsultent justi in conspectu) dei R. ( - indeterminate - W 008070
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Sancti mei qui in isto saeculo - indeterminate - R 007590
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv Venite benedicti patris mei - indeterminate - V 007590c
P-EVc CEC 13-IX Bv O veneran[...] - indeterminate - R
Source type: 
Document type: 
c. 1400
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Catchword on fol. Av 'spere'.
Page layout: 
Full page. Twelve text lines with a red tetragram above.
Condition of document: 
Non-central bifolio fragment slightly damaged. The top and bottom edges were folded to fit the book that the fragment is currently covering. The ink is partially vanished; there are wrinkles, folds, spots of humidity and dirtiness. Two pieces of leather are sewed along the book spine. Hole on fol. Av, in correspondence of the lower horizontal folder.
Very basic decoration. Capital initials combine red and black. Display script in red. Text and notation in black.

Several inscriptions were added by later hands on fol. Ar (the book cover): "libro de lembrança", "Livro dos Ac...davo do cabido ... no 1587", "13-IX". The others inscriptions on this folio apparently repeat the same text but they are partially unreadable. Two unreadable inscriptions are found on fol. Bv, on the right side.

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