P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 0215

P-Cug MM 0215
MM 0215
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Document type: 
before 1532
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Pagination from 1 to 134. Vestiges of cut folios at f. 49 and between 66 and 67; folios 115-118, 121-128 are missing.
Page layout: 
Dimensions of folio: 103 x 185 mm.
Condition of document: 

Guard, on top: "Este liuro he de [sta maria ...?] (partly illegible) crossed out; above: da orde[m]. Fol. 1r, modern inscription in ink: "Processionale cisterciense (Alcobaça)". Possibly a book from Santa Maria de Alcobaça, appropriated by the Order of Christ (cf. M.M. 214). The book belonged formerly to the collection of the Instituto de Estudos Históricos at Coimbra University; its former shelf mark can still be seen in the sticker glued to the guard leaf, top left.


Same contents, dimensions and script as P-Cug M.M. 214, which has in its last page: «Incipit prima pars processionarii ad usum cisterciensis ordinis militiae iesu christi cum aliis pluribus additamentis, nunc noviter conscripti…». The Order of Christ, which succeeded the Portuguese branch of the Templars, was put under the supervision of the abbot of Alcobaça from its beginnings in 1319, and adopted, to unknown extent, Cistercian use, which was in force until 1532.


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