P-VV (Vila Viçosa) Biblioteca do Palácio Real A.M. D-007

A.M. D-007

P-VV A.M. D-007

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Proprium de tempore (only Sundays, but including Ember Day, Advent (Wednesday, Friday), Ember Day, September (Wednesday; Friday) and The Major Rogation). Fols. 1v-25v Advent; fols. 25v-32r Sundays after the Epiphany; fols. 32r-43r Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima Sundays; fols. 43r- 61v Dominica in Albis to the Eve of Ascension; fols. 61v-145v Sundays after Pentecost. This manuscript does not contain the Christmas season, the Lent, the Holy Week, the Easter Sunday, the Ascension, the Pentecost, the Trinity Sunday and the Corpus Christi.
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​Initials in blue, red and black, with filigree designs in the same or alternate colours. In the introit Ad te levavi (fol. 1v), the first capital, "A", has special decoration.

Initial guard-leaf: 'Este livro tem a miça das ladainhas a f. ---- 59'. Fol. 1r: Missae Dominicarum a prima Adventus usque ad Dominicam in Quinquagesima et a Dominica in Albis usque ad ultimam post Pentecosten: tum Litaniarum, tum quattuor tempora Adventus, atque Septembris. Juxta Missale auctoritate Clementis VIII. recognitum. Anno Domini. 1621
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562 x 359 mm. 6 staves.


145 fols. Original foliation in red ink Arabic numerals placed at the top right corner of the recto of each folio.


ALEGRIA, José Augusto, Biblioteca do Palácio Real de Vila Viçosa (Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1989).

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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Cantus ID Mode
001v 1 Ad te levavi animam meam deus Adventus, dom. 1 MI In g00489 8
002r 1 Vias tuas domine demonstra mihi et Adventus, dom. 1 MI InV g00489a 8
002v 1 Universi qui te exspectant non confundentur Adventus, dom. 1 MI Gr g00490 1
002v 2 Vias tuas domine notas fac mihi Adventus, dom. 1 MI GrV g00490a 1
003r 1 Alleluia Ostende nobis domine misericordiam tuam Adventus, dom. 1 MI Al 507038 8
003r 2 Ad te levavi animam meam deus Adventus, dom. 1 MI Of g00493.1 2
006r 0 [Ex Sion species decoris ejus deus Adventus, dom. 2 MI Gr g00496
006r 1 Congregate illi sanctos ejus qui ordinaverunt Adventus, dom. 2 MI GrV g00496a 5
006r 2 Alleluia Laetatus sum in his quae Adventus, dom. 2 MI Al g00498 3
006v 1 Deus tu convertens vivificabis nos et Adventus, dom. 2 MI Of g00499 3
007r 1 Jerusalem surge et sta in excelso Adventus, dom. 2 MI Cm g00500 1
007v 1 Gaudete in domino semper iterum dico Adventus, dom. 3 MI In g00501 1
008v 1 Benedixisti domine terram tuam avertisti captivitatem Adventus, dom. 3 MI InV g00501b.1 1
009r 1 Qui sedes domine super cherubim excita Adventus, dom. 3 MI Gr g00502 7
009r 2 Qui regis Israel intende qui deducis Adventus, dom. 3 MI GrV g00502a 7
009v 1 Alleluia Excita domine potentiam tuam et Adventus, dom. 3 MI Al g00504 4
010r 1 Benedixisti domine terram tuam avertisti captivitatem Adventus, dom. 3 MI Of g00505 4
010v 1 Dicite pusillanimes confortamini et nolite timere Adventus, dom. 3 MI Cm g00506 5
010v 2 Rorate caeli * Adv., hebd. 3, fer. 4 Q.T. MI In 501007 *
011r 1 Tollite portas principes vestras et elevamini Adv., hebd. 3, fer. 4 Q.T. MI Gr g02220 2