P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07)

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar [...] collocari Pro Defunctis M V 007091d
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar Audivi vocem de caelo dicentem beati Pro Defunctis M W 007957
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar Exsultabunt domino ossa humiliata | miserere* | euouae Pro Defunctis L A 1 002810
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar Exaudi domine orationem meam ad te Pro Defunctis L A 2 002767
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar Me suscepit dextera tua domine | deus Pro Defunctis L A 3 003725
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar A porta inferi erue domine animas Pro Defunctis L A 4 001191.2
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar Omnis spiritus laudet dominum | laudem de Pro Defunctis L A 5 004154
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar Requiem aeternam [dona eis domine] Et Pro Defunctis L W 008183
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Ar-Av Ego sum resurrectio et vita qui Pro Defunctis L A B 002601.1
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Av Fons ortorum redundans gratia mundum replens Praesentatio Mariae V A 01 201859
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Av Rore (caelestis gra)tiae in utero Praesentatio Mariae V A 02 204319
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Br [Eminenti caeli dulcedine stans in] templo Praesentatio Mariae V R 600777
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Br Magna semper exercens opera gratiora meretur Praesentatio Mariae M V 01 600777a
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Br (Alma virgo propositum numquam nubendi statuit Praesentatio Mariae M R 600079
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Bv Gratus virga Joseph (e)micat et Praesentatio Mariae M V 01 600079a
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Bv Nuptam sic sic indicio floris et Praesentatio Mariae M R 601519
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07) Bv In parentum [manens hospitio invenitur a Praesentatio Mariae M V 01 601519a
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07)
IV-3ª Gav. 44 (07)
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15th cent.
Type of notation: 

Non-central bifolium. On fol. Ar some chants for Lauds of the liturgical feast 'Pro Defunctis'. On fol. Av some chants to be sung at Vespers for the feast 'Praesentatio Mariae'. The subsequent chants were originally written on a bifolio now lost. The chants now on fol. Br-v in this fragment are also intended to be sung at 'Praesentatio Mariae', at Matins.

Page layout: 
Fol. A: 290 x 261 mm. Two columns, c. 258 x c. 80 mm. Fol. B: 288 x 235 mm. Two columns, c. 260 x c. 80.
Condition of document: 
Fair overall. Non-exposed side in good conditions; exposed side with some dirtiness and spots making observation difficult at some points. The fragment was heavily trimmed along the lower bottom, although with no loss of contents.
Taller capitals with red, blue and sepia ink. Some flourishes and filigree in the initial of a responsory.

The antiphon A porta inferi is prescribed as the 4th Lauds antiphon among the Augustinian Canons Regular of Santa Cruz de Coimbra; otherwise the fragment seems to correspond to the use of Coimbra Cathedral, replicated in Évora.

Description of the notation: 

Red staff with four lines.

Indexing notes: 
The textual variant (CI 001191.2) of the Antiphon 'A porta inferi' on fol. Ar is also found in E-SAu Ms 2637 fol. 250r. See http://pemdatabase.eu/image/73060. The variant (CI 002601.1) of the Antiphon 'Ego sum' is found only in two other notated sources: P-BRs (Braga) Arquivo da Sé Ms. 034, fol. 233 and I-Vlevi CF D 21 ('Cantorino processionale'). See http://cantusindex.org/id/002601.1. The standard incipit of the Responsory CI 601519 is 'Nuptam sic ex indicio sancti'. The same chant has a slightly different beginning on fol. Bv 'Nuptam sic sic indicio floris et sancti'.
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