P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 0026

MM 0026

P-Cug MM 0026

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early 17th century
Music for Lent and Holy Week: Motets, Passions, Responsories for Tenebrae, misc.
Type of notation

Edges of folios have red colouring similar to P-Cug MM 25 Black calligraphic initials; rubrics in red ink

Many items headed with inscriptions denoting festal/ liturgical occasion in red ink (first half of MS, up to and including the first Passion (St Matthew) setting) and black ink (the remainder). Annotations and inscription in formal hand: 'Cantemus domino canticum nouum sicut cantaban patres / nostri in gaudio et exultatione qui laetitia' (fol. 072v)
Page layout

Choirbook format


ii + 63 + ii



Four paper types identified (Rees 1995, pp. 373-74, 385-96), showing 4 watermarks. Watermark 1 similar to Briquet #7576

Old, not original, covers of brown blind-tooled leather over boards added during rebinding between 1937 and 1941. This has severely disrupted original collation

Original ink foliation (illegible where folios have suffered corrosion), from f. 007r. Fols 001-006, 017, 029, 042, most of fol. 043 are missing (cf Rees 1995, p. 205). Last original fol. found in box of fragments by Rees in P-Cug. Modern pencil foliation, fols 001-014, 014-033, 035-062; last folio unnumbered. Two people were responsible for the compilation of the manuscript in close collaboration (cf Rees 1995, p. 208). Scribal work suggests that some of the music might have been composed by Pedro de Cristo; this is also corroborated by stylistic analysis of the pieces. Text of second Passion (St Matthew) setting (f.43r seq.) written in red-brown ink. Note: Indexation in PEM is from Rees's reconstruction of the Inventory based on the original ordering of folios, and not according to the modern sequence and folio numeration. (In its current form, a few folios are in the wrong positions, and sections of manuscript have become separated.)

REES, Owen (1995), Polyphony in Portugal c. 1530 – c. 1620. Sources from the Monastery of Santa Cruz, Coimbra, New York & London: Garland, pp. 205-11, 373-74, 395-96

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