Descen[dit ...] (ndi)

Descen[dit ...] (ndi)
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Despite the poor material condition of the fragment and the many gaps, this melisma for the responsory 'Descendit' has been compared against the five melismas (A, B, C1, C2, and D) published in KELLY, THOMAS F., 'Neuma Triplex', Acta Musicologica (1988), pp. 1-30, at p. 3. The comparision shows that the melisma in fragment P-G N 043 is similar to melismas C1 and - its longer version - C2 but it does not exactly match any of them. 

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Cantus Planus in Slovacia
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A-KN 1010021vDescendit de caelis verusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
A-KN 1010038vDescendit*MR1Die 7 p. Nat. Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1010039rDescendit de*MR1.1Octava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1011039vDescendit de caelis verusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
A-KN 1011052vDescendit*XRNativitas Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1011070rDescendit de caelis*MR1Dom. p. Nat. Dom.*ImageCD
A-KN 1011071rDescendit de*MR1.1Octava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1013029rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.3Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
A-KN 1013049rDescendit*MR1Dom. p. Nat. Dom.*ImageCD
A-KN 1013049vDescendit*MR1.1Octava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1015041rDescendit de caelis verusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
A-KN 1015063vDescendit*MR1Die 7 p. Nat. Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1015064rDescendit de*MR1.1Octava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
A-KN 1017030vDescendit de caelis verusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1CD
A-KN 1017054rDescendit de caelis*MR1Die 7 p. Nat. Domini*CD
A-KN 1017054vDescendit de caelis*MR1.1Octava Nat. Domini*CD
A-Wn 1799**017vDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.3Nativitas Domini1TImageCD
A-Wn 1799**022rDescendit*MR2.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.1ImageCD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4034rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.3Nativitas Domini1TImageCD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4042vDescendit de caelis*MR2.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.1TImageCD
CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0234040rDescendit de caelis*MR1.3Circumcisio Domini*CD
CH-Fco Ms. 2042rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR3Epiphania,81ImageCD
CZ-Pu XIV B 13024vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
D-KNd 1161018rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.3Nativitas Domini1TImageCD
D-KNd 1161023vDescendit*MR2.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.1ImageCD
D-Ma 12o Cmm 1046vDescendit de caelis deusMR3Epiphania,81CD
D-Mbs Clm 4303059rDescendit de caelis deusMR3.4Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4303100rDescendit*MR3.3Epiphania1ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4306019rDescendit de caelis deusMR3.4Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4306040rDescendit*MR3.3Epiphania1ImageCD
E-BAR s.s.042vDescendit de caelis deusR3.3Nativitas Domini1SEMM
E-Bbc E-Bbc, Ms. 2545032rDescendit de caelis deusR1.2Nativitas Domini1SEMM
E-H Ms. 20032rDescendit de caelis deusRNativitas Domini1SEMM
E-H Ms. 7 (ant. 5)053rDescendit de caelis deusR3.3Nativitas Domini1SEMM
E-H Ms. 7 (ant. 5)067rDescendit de caelisR3.3Dom. p. Nat. Dom.1SEMM
E-SI ms. 9166rDescendit de caelis deusR3.4Circumcisio Domini1SEMM
E-Tc 44.1010vDescendit de caelis deusMR25Nativitas Domini?CD
E-Tc 44.2019rDescendit de caelis deusMR9Nativitas Domini1CD
F-AS 465 (CGM 893)039rDescendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
F-AS 465 (CGM 893)064vDescendit de caelis*MR3.4Octava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
F-CA 38033rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.3Nativitas Domini1CD
F-CA 38042vDescendit de caelis deus verus MR2.3Octava Nat. Domini1CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4007vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4014vDescendit*MR2.3Octava Nat. Domini*CD
F-LA : Ms 0263091rDescendit de caelis *MASSRNativitas DominiImageMMMO
F-LA : Ms 0263122vDescendit de caelis *VREpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Pn : Lat. 17991013rDescendit de caelis deus verus a MRVigilia Nat. DominiImageMMMO
F-Pn : Lat. 904014vDescendit de caelis deus verus a RNativitas DominiImageMMMO
F-Pn Lat. 1090017rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR3.3Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 1090019rDescendit de caelis*XR2Nativitas Domini,81ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044022rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.4Octava Nat. Domini1ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181154rDescendit de caelis deus verus MR1.3Dom. p. Nat. Dom.1ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181157vDescendit*VROctava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181158vDescendit*MR1.3Octava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181160rDescendit*XRPOctava Nat. Domini*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181160vDescendit*XRPVigilia Epiphaniae*ImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411023vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1TImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411030vDescendit de caelis*MR2.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.1TImageCD
F-VAL 114013vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini1CD
F-VAL 114023vDescendit*VRPOctava Nat. Domini*CD
F-VAL 114024vDescendit*MR3.4Octava Nat. Domini1CD
GB-Lbl Add MS 30847033rDescendit de caelis deusR3.4Nativitas Domini1SEMM
GB-Lbl Add MS 30848038rDescendit de caelis deusR1.4Circumcisio Domini1SEMM
GB-Lbl Add MS 30850035vDescendit de caelis deusR3.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.SEMM
H-Bs Fr. l. m. 87rectoDescendit de caelisR2Nativitas, Dominica infra octavam NativitatisFRH
H-Bu lat. 118095rDescendit de caelis deusMR11Epiphania1CD
HR-Hf Cod. C278Descendit de caelis deusMR11Epiphania1CD
I-Ac 694049vDescendit de caelis deusMR3Epiphania,81CD
I-Ad 5083Descendit de caelis deusMR11Epiphania1CD
I-BV V 19133vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini?CD
I-Far020vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini1CD
I-Fl Conv. sopp. 560021vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1CD
I-Lc 601032Descendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini1CD
I-MC 542003Descendit de caelis deusMR3Nativitas Domini1CD
I-MC 542033Descendit de caelis*MR1Vigilia Epiphaniae*CD
I-Nn vi.E.20045rDescendit de caelis deusMR3Epiphania,81CD
I-Rv C.5027rDescendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini?CD
I-VCd CLXX021vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1CD
I-VCd CLXX202vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini*CD
P-AR Res. Ms. 021027vDescendit de caelis deus verus a MR1.3Nativitas Domini1TImagePEM
P-AR Res. Ms. 021034rDescendit de caelis*MR2.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.*ImagePEM
P-BRs Ms. 028289rDescendit de caelis deus verus a MR1.3Cant. Canticorum p.Ep.1ImagePEM
P-BRs Ms. 032062rDescendit de caelis deus verus a MR3.3Nativitas Domini1ImagePEM
P-BRs Ms. 032075rDescendit de caelis deus verus a MR3.3Octava Nat. Domini1ImagePEM
P-G N 043ArDescendit de celis deus verus aMRNativitas Domini?ImagePEM
P-G N 043AvDescen[dit ...] (ndi) MRNativitas Domini?ImagePEM
P-G N 060AvDescendit de celis*MR3.3Octava Nat. Domini?ImagePEM
P-Ln RES. 253 P.223rDescendit de caelis deus verus aMR3.3Nativitas Domini*ImagePEM
P-Ln RES. 253 P.234vDescendit de caelis*MR3.3Circumcisio Domini*ImagePEM
PL-STAb ms. 1137vDescendit de caelis*MR1.4Octava Nat. Domini,8-CPL
PL-WRu I F 401023vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.3Nativitas Domini1ImageCD
PL-WRu I F 401029rDescendit de caelis*MR2.4Dom. p. Nat. Dom.*ImageCD
PL-Wn rps 12720 V0048vDescendit de caelis deusMR1.4Nativitas Domini1CPL
SK-BRsa SNA 4026rDescendit*MR1.3Octava Nat. DominiImageCSK
SK-BSa 2711rbDescendit de [caelis deus ]ver[us MRNativitas DominiImageCSK
US-Cn 24064vDescendit de caelis deusMR3Epiphania,81CD
V-CVbav 8737020vDescendit de caelis deusMR11Epiphania1ImageCD