P-BRs (Braga) Arquivo da Sé Ms. 028

Ms. 028

P-BRs Ms. 028

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16th century (first quarter)
Fols. 2-230v Proprium sanctorum (from Stephen the First Martyr to Thomas, Apostle), fols. 232r-265v Commune sanctorum, fols. 265v-270r In agenda mortuorum, fols. 271r-291v Officia Beatae Mariae Virginis, fols. 291w-305v Festa alia communis et proprii sanctorum
Type of script
Type of notation

Plain/simply decorated initials on blue, red and black; two-line capitals on red and/or blue, with decorations on both colours or on the alternate colours.

Condition of document

Good, despite some traces of humidity.

Page layout

c. 295 x c. 400, one column c. 215 x c. 300; 10 lines of text alternated with music; from folio 291w on, 9 lines of text alternated with music.


302 folios; fol. 1 is missing. Roman foliation until fol. 305, the foliation skips numbers 223, 231, 255 and 279; while fols. 271-278 are unnumbered. A new hand wrote the foliation in Roman numbers from fols. 289 to 291; "289" is repeated on the following folio. "291" is written on two consecutive folios, the second occurrence was written in Roman numbers by a new hand.
There is a problem of page misplacement at the end of the manuscript: fols. 303 and 304 can be found in the place of 298 and 299, and vice-versa.
Fols. 174, 198, 247, 286 and 288 are a replacement of the original ones; from the numbering repeated folio 291 up to the end, all folios are a later addition.


Leather over boards.


VEIGA, Diogo Alte da, 'O Alleluia na monodia litúrgica em Portugal até 1600: comparações melódicas' (Dissertação de Mestrado, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2010).

CHAVES, 'Zuelma, 'O Ofício de Defuntos - repertório musicado monódico, em fontes portuguesas, até c. 1700' (Dissertação de Mestrado, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2017).

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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode Diff
002r 2 Commoverunt itaque plebem et concurrentes rapuerunt Stephani M V 01 007735a 2
002r 3 Cum esset plenus spiritu sancto beatus Stephani M R 1.3 006364 4
002r 4 Exclamans voce magna dixit ecce video Stephani M V 01 006364a 4
002r 1 Surrexerunt quidam de synagoga disputantes cum Stephani M R 1.2 007735 2
002v 1 Commoverunt plebem seniores judaeorum et scribe Stephani M A 2.1 200832 4 E
002v 2 Videbant omnes Stephanum qui erant in Stephani M A 2.2 205171 5 A
002v 3 Audiantes autem synagoge judaeorum Stephanum levitam Stephani M A 2.3 200419 6 F
002v 4 Gloria et honore* Stephani M W 2. 909999 *
002v 5 Videbant omnes Stephanum qui erant in Stephani M R 2.1 007852 4
003r 3 Cum autem esset Stephanus plenus spiritu Stephani M V 01 006984b 4
003r 4 Sancte dei pretiose protomartyr Stephane qui Stephani M R 2.3 007575 1
003r 2 Intuens in caelum beatus Stephanus vidit Stephani M R 2.2 006984 4
003r 1 Plenus gratia et fortitudine faciebat prodigia Stephani M V 01 007852b 4
003v 1 Ut tuo propitiatus interventu dominus nos Stephani M V 01 007575a S
003v 2 Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Stephani M V 02 909000 S
003v 3 Cum autem esset Stephanus plenus spiritu Stephani M A 3.1 a00148 7 A
004r 1 Exclamantes autem voce magna judaei continuerunt Stephani M A 2.2 201704 8 G
004r 2 Et testes deposuerunt vestimenta sua secus Stephani M A 3.3 201651 1 G
004r 3 Magna est gloria* Stephani M W 3. 909999 *
004r 4 Lapidabant Stephanum innocentem et dicentem domine Stephani M R 3.1 007072 4