P-EVc (Évora) Arquivo da Sé Cod.Perg. Lit. ?3

P-EVc Cod.Perg. Lit. ?3
Cod.Perg. Lit. ?3 (F25 cota provisória)
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Document type: 
17th century
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Original roman numbering in red ink placed at the top right of the folios, from fol. 2 to fol. 106. A later Arabic numbering in black ink was added at the top right of the folios, from fol. 6 to fol. 106, but the later numbering was occasionally trimmed. Starting from fol. 107, only some folios bear Arabic numbering.
Page layout: 
Full page
Condition of document: 
Good. This is a composite manuscript with some later additions and a Kyriale at the end.
Red and blue initials with filigree. Black cadel initials. Some zoomorphic initials (p.e. fols. 16v; 49v) and phitomorphic initials (p.e. fols. 29r; 37v; 46v). Flower decoration on fol. 106v.

This book is located at 'Torre dos Azulejos'.

Description of the notation: 

Square notation on five red lines.

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