P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 0006

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 0006 001r-006r Sanctus (Te Deum)* TD Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 007r textless F Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 007v-012r Et filius datus (Puer natus est In Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 013v-027r Aeternam dona eis (Requiem) (Missa pro Rq Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 027v Alleluia beatus vir sanctus Martinus urbis Martini MI Al g00483 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 028v-032r Patrem (Credo) Cr Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 033v-039r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 3) Ca Morales, Cristóbal de
P-Cug MM 0006 040v-045r Et exsultavit (Magnificat, tone 2) Ca Moran, Luis
P-Cug MM 0006 045v Alleluia exivi a patre et veni - indeterminate - MI Al g01069 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 046r textless* Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 046v-049r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 6)* Ca Morales, Cristóbal de
P-Cug MM 0006 049v Mihi autem absit gloriari nisi in Francisci MI In g00063 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 049v Voce mea ad dominum clamavi voce Francisci MI InV 01 g00063a (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 049v Alleluia Franciscus pauper et humilis caelum Francisci MI Al g00387 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 050v-051r Benedicamus domino BD Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 051v Alleluia Tanto tempore vobiscum sum et Philippi, Jacobi MI Al g00186 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 052v-053v Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 8)* Ca Morales, Cristóbal de
P-Cug MM 0006 053v Dedit dominus confessionem sancto suo et - indeterminate - In (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 053v Bonum est confiteri domino et psallere - indeterminate - MI InV 01
P-Cug MM 0006 053v In fide et lenitate ipsius sanctum - indeterminate - MI Cm (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 054r Alleluia O quam gloriosum est regnum - indeterminate - MI Al g02253 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 054v Illuxerunt coruscationes tuae orbi terrae commota Transfiguratio Dom. MI In g00319 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 054v Quam dilecta tabernacula tua domine virtutum Transfiguratio Dom. MI InV 01 g00319a
P-Cug MM 0006 054v-055r Alleluia candor est lucis aeternae speculum Transfiguratio Dom. MI Al g00320 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 055r Visionem quam vidistis nemini dixeritis donec Transfiguratio Dom. MI Cm g00322 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 055v textless* Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 056r O dulcis virgo Maria (Salve regina)* ABV Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 056v-060r Regina caeli ABV Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 060v Alleluia sancte Michael archangele defende nos Michaelis MI Al g00395 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 060v textless* Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 061v-064r Sede a dextris meis (Dixit dominus) PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 064v-067r In consilio justor (Confitebor tibi) PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 067v-070r In mandatis ejus (Beatus vir) PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 070v-071r Laudate pueri* PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 071v-080r Domus Jacob populo (In exitu Israel) PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 080v-081r Laudate eum omnes populi (Laudate dominum)* PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 082v-086r Salve regina ABV Guerrero, Francisco
P-Cug MM 0006 086v-087r Alleluia Al Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 087v-088r Benedicamus domino BD Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006 088v Effuderunt sanguinem sanctorum velut aquam in Nat. Innocentium MI Tc g00573 (chant)
P-Cug MM 0006 088v-091v Sede a dextris meis (Dixit dominus)* PS Anonymous
P-Cug MM 0006
MM 0006
Source type: 
Subcategory of source: 
Document type: 
mid 16th century (c.1540-c.1555)
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 

Polyphony: Alleluia (1), Benedicamus domino (2), Canticles (4), Credo (1), Fabordão (1) Marian antiphons (3+1 frag.), Mass (1), Mass propers (2), Psalms (7) (=22)
Chant: Alleluias (7), Tract (1), Introits (3), Communions (2) (=13) Unidentified fragments (3)

ii + 92 + ii; modern pencil foliation 1-91; unnumbered folio between fols 069 and 070 now numbered 070A. Missing folios: at least 2 at the beginning of the manuscript; 3 between fols 055 and 056; and 1 more between fols 070 and 071
Unclear. Original order of pieces disrupted with modern re-binding; structure of book concealed with binding process
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 545 x 400-05 mm
Condition of document: 
Damaged. Marks of exposure to water on the bottom half of all folios; ink corrosion on most folios (excepting fols 013-027)

4 Paper types; 3 watermarks, 1 watermark on paper 3 similar to marks on MM 37 and MM 44 (paper 8) (cf Rees 1995, pp. 159, 369 & 386)

Covers of light-brown blind-tooled leather over boards. Manuscript rebound 1937-1941, obscuring its original structure. The manuscript had originally parchment covers
Calligraphic or pen-work initials on fols 006r, 013v-014v, 16v (in red, tenor part), 021v-022r (alternating black and red), 025v (in red, tenor part), 026v (in red, tenor part), 040v, 042r (altus part), 042v (cantus part), 043v-044r, 045v, 049v, 051v, 053v-055r, 060v, 087r, 087v-088r, 088v (in red), 089v-091v; banderole initials on fols 028v-029r; small zoomorphic initial on fol. 007v (tenor part)

No original inscriptions or marks.


Six original scribes; additions, mostly chant, by a variety of different scribes. One of the original six scribes also copied the chant book P-Cug MM 37. The formal type of notation and copying habits connect MM 6 with P-Cug MM 9 and MM 12. Luis Moran’s Magnificat at fols. 040v-045r apparently served as direct exemplar for P-Cug MM 32, fols. 075v-081r.


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