P-Ln (Lisboa) Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal L.C. 243

L.C. 243

P-Ln L.C. 243

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16th century (first half)
F. 000x01r - Asperges me; f. 000x01v - Vidi Aquam. Kyriale: f. 000x02v - Kyrie tones; f. 016r - Gloria; f. 000x017r - Credo; f. 000x19r - Tones for the Sanctus; f. 000x25r - Tones for the Agnus Dei; f. 000x28r -  Tones for the Deo gratias; f. 000x30r - Deo dicamus gratias; f. 000x31r - De BMV; f. 000x32r - Adventus; f.000x34v -  Septuagesima ad Pascha; f. 003r ff. Gradual


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Black square notation on five red line staves. Some chants with black semi-mensural notation. On the initial paste down there is a leaf with modern notation.

Black initials, red initials with blue filigree designs and blue initials with red filigree designs. Blue and red initials with red and blue filigree and flourished designs (see fol. 000x03v). Some boxed initials in blue or red with geometric designs (within itself) with blue or red filigree/geometric decorations (see fol. 004v, 005v). Some flourished decorations at the margins (with birds and insects). Birds in blue or red ink (see fol. 005v, 006v, 007r etc). Peacock in blue, green and gold (fol. 74v). Rubrics in red.

Condition of document

Good for the most part but sadly deprived of many illuminated capitals and the music written on the opposite side of the respective folios. Some otherwise damaged folios, a consequence of initials cut off.

Page layout

Fol. 019r: 50mm < 485mm > 90mm x 65mm < 295mm > 70mm.
Fol. 058r: 57mm < 455mm > 115mm x 53mm < 290mm > 80mm.


Later added roman numering in pencil from ii to xxxv. Roman numering in red ink from III to CXXX.


Leather over boards.


This book forms a pair with L.C. 244. Binding pastedowns include two fragments from the late 15th-century, as well as 17th-century additions.


BJORK, David A., The Aquitanian Kyrie Repertory of the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries, Burlington, 2003.

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Id., The Rosary Cantoral, Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2008.

PRADO, Germán, Supplementum ad Kyriale - Ex Codicibus Hispanicis Excerptum, Paris: Typis Societatis S. Joannis Evangelistae, 1934.
TELLO RUIZ-PEREZ, Arturo, «Transferencias del Canto Medieval: Los Tropos del “Ordinarium Missae” en Manuscritos Españoles», PhD diss., Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2006. Accessible at http://eprints.ucm.es/7758/1/T29576.pdf.
Id., Transmisión del canto litúrgico en la Edad Media. Los tropos del Ordinarium Missae en España, 2 vols., Saabrücken: LAP Lambert / Editorial Académica Española, 2011.
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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Cantus ID Mode
000x01r 1 Asperges me domine hyssopo et mundab[ Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae X A 001494 7
000x01r 2 Miserere mei deus secundum magnam misericordiam Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae X AV 001494a 7
000x01v 1 Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae X V 909000 7
000x01v-000x02r 2 [Vi]di aquam [e]gredientem de Dom. Resurrectionis X A 005403 8
000x02r 1 [Con]fitemini domino quoniam bonus quoniam Dom. Resurrectionis X AV 005403zb 8
000x02r-000x02v 2 Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Dom. Resurrectionis X V 909000 8
000x02v-000x03v 1 [Re]x virginum amator [D]eus De BMV MI Ky ah47008 1
000x03v-000x04r 1 Pater excelse mariam preparans eleison kyrie De BMV MI Ky 1
000x04r-000x05r 1 Cunctipotens genitor deus omnicreator eleison | Kyrie MI Ky ah47004 1
000x05r-000x06r 1 [S]umme deus qui cuncta creas MI Ky ah47024 1
000x06r-000x06v 1 Kyrie eleison kyrie eleison [kyrie eleison] M Ky 509501 1
000x06v-000x07v 1 [R]ector cosmi pie [d]evotis MI Ky ah47053 2
000x07v-000x08v 1 [K]yrie cunctipotens domine miserator eleyson MI Ky 3
000x08v-000x09v 1 [K]yrie fons bonitatis pater ingenite MI Ky ah47005 3
000x09v-000x10v 1 Rex magne domine quem sancti adorant MI Ky ah47011a 4
000x10v-000x12r 1 Kyrie summe rex glorie sideream regens MI Ky 5
000x12r-000x12v 1 [O] pater immense dux [n]oster De Angelis MI Ky 5
000x13r-000x13v 1 [J]esu redemptor omnium tu theos MI Ky ah47014.1 6
000x14r-000x14v 1 [C]hriste patris genite tocius gloria MI Ky
000x14v-000x15v 1 [C]hriste deus [d]ecus in MI Ky ah47037 8