P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 0037

MM 0037

P-Cug MM 0037

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mid 16th cent.
Tonary (pp. 1-38). Antiphons (pp. 39-112). Himnary (pp. 113-195). Kyrial pp. (pp. 196-272).
Type of notation

The big ornated "P" on page 1 was written with black ink and placed into a red square. The initial is replicated on the verso of the book cover (there are no guard leaves between the book cover and the beginning of the Tonary).
Black initials with cadel design all over the manuscript. The initials found between pages 1-16 are smaller and slightly more decorated. The initials on page 79, and between pages 196-245 are slightly bigger and show a simpler design. Some initials are missing between pages 55 and 272; on occasion later hand(s) added the missing letters by pencil (e.g. pages 94-95) .

Condition of document

The overall condition of the manuscript is good. All the odd pages have have a library stamp placed at the middle of the external edge. The paper is quite thin and the ink penetrated almost on each page. Ink corrosion can be seen on the initial found on the second stave of page 7. Ink stain along the central border (bottom half) of pages 116-117. Mould patches occasionally found on some pages (see for example the corners of pages 1-4). Wide liquid stain (probably water) along the top central border on pages 257-272. Text erasure on pages 228 and 233. Music erasure on pages 19 (end of the first stave), 221 (fourth stave), and 263 (second and third staves). Music erasure and rewriting on pages 89-92, and 267. Small text erasure and rewriting on pages 21, 65, 77, 105, 218, and 244. Music and text erasure and rewriting on pages 32 and 216. A later hand struck through the rubric on the third stave on page 112 and added a new text next to it. A later hand struck through and corrected the music for "Baptista" on page 79. A later hand added text and music for "Requiescant in pace amen" by means of the prolongation of some staves on page 43. Occasionally there are later-hand interventions made of shreds of paper pasted on the page with the purpose of replacing and correcting the original music/text; see for example the bits of paper pasted on pages 85 and 95 to correct the original text The shred of paper glued on the inner edge of the last folio (page 271) covers some contents. Bits of paper were glued on some pages with the purpose of preventing them from further deterioration (see for example pages 93-95, 97, 99 and 250).


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